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Don’t Touch That!!!

Pedigo CuVerro® Bacterial Alloy

Something we rarely consider every day is the amount of surfaces we actually touch with our hands.  In a hospital environment, what we touch can have a grave impact on patients and hospital staff health. It’s essential we understand potential high touch surfaces and how our partners are improving their products to combat these issues.

Our partners at Pedigo have taken steps to improve upon everyday use items such as stretchers, IV poles and patient handles. These ‘high-touch’ areas are a breeding ground for spreading infectious diseases. By replacing the stainless steel handles, rails and poles with CuVerro® Bactericidal Alloy, Pedigo has decreased the risk by almost 99%. If you think about the surfaces a patient, hospital professional and those outsiders visiting hospitals, you will understand that bed rails, IV poles, light switches, door handles and other areas are “high touch”.

Take a look at what Pedigo has to offer in the newest CuVerro® line. It’s truly amazing that simply changing the materials and engineering they can incorporate a non-caustic and natural combat to fight the spread of bacteria.


Trauma Stretchers from Pedigo

This week, Houston Hospital Services, Inc. hosted the South Region VP of Pedigo. Although a short trip, he gave us insight as to why Pedigo is the clear choice for any hospitals stretcher needs.  The 7500 Trauma Stretcher is the only USA made stretcher featuring a 6th wheel technology. The middle two wheels are spring action and roll evenly on all types of surfaces. Another key feature, exclusive to this line, is the new CuVerro® antimicrobial copper alloy handrails. Copper is a natural antimicrobial surface. Think about it. The handrails of stretchers are a high touch area. Wouldn’t you prefer to have this technology to aide in the sterility of your hospital?

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